Sunday, March 20, 2011

Little Flower Mercy Home in Kerala, India

The orphanage Little Flower Mercy Home, founded by husband and wife Mathew and Molly Manuel, was where we enjoyed our second day in Munnar. A native of Kerala, in 1985 Mathew served as a missionary in various institutions of Mother Teresa. Shortly after, he had a calling to follow her path and help the abandoned and needy. Mathew and Molly started this project in 1987, sacrificing their lives to help abandoned children, men, and women. Today they have 226 orphans and disabled men and women in their care . Most were homeless, with no family members, or a place to turn. Little Flower Mercy Home gave them a second chance at life.
Mathew and Molly offer to the people in their care, a most precious gift. HOPE.

When we arrived, the men where in prayer and very happy to see us. One by one they greeted us with handshakes and hugs. In the adjacent building, the women responded to us in the same fashion. One lady was clapping and singing with immense joy in prayer. Their smiles and warm welcome touched our souls so deeply...we will never forget them.

Inside the orphanage, there were about 48 girls from age 5 -15 who have been abandoned by their parents on the streets. The girls were craving motherly love and affection they had been lacking their whole lives. Excited and curious, they wanted to know everything about us, from our occupation, to favorite color and song. We spent some time talking to them and learned their interests. Coloring books, crayons, socks and tooth brushes were distributed amongst them, to their unyielding delight. Our hearts were deeply touched by this experience.

Imagine falling from a coconut tree, loosing all sense of feeling from neck down and being left for dead on the street. This is how Mathew came to find one of the men in his care. He was turned away by the first doctor, who felt the man had no chance of living. Mathew was not willing to give up. While the Little Flower Mercy Home is not a hospital or nursing home, he does not refuse people in need of help. Three weeks later a miracle occurred, and he began to walk again. This only one in hundreds of stories. The key is LOVE and FAITH.

Note: The Little Flower Mercy Home is not funded by the government and does not have any income. If you would like to help, please visit their website

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